Now Hiring


Job Description

  • Excite the crowd and get everyone’s energy up
  • Able to dance on stage for a short period of time and entertain the crowd
  • Must provide EXCELLENT customer service


Job Description

  • Provide great customer service to our guests
  • Must sell shooters to our guests
  • Must be outgoing and sociable with customers
  • Commitment to work


Job Description

  • Provde great customer service to our guest!
  • Take orders and serve beverages to our guests
  • Provide VIP Bottle Service to special guests
  • Clean tables and service area
  • Commitment to work


Job Description

  • Provide great customer service to all our guest!
  • Mix garnish and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to our guests
  • Work as a team with waitress/servers to fill drink orders
  • Clean bar, glass ware and service areas
  • Ring up all drinks orders in the POS system, collect payments for drinks, balance all receipts and follow proper cash handling procedues


Job Description

  • Assist Bartender by well stock with ice, keeping bar area clean and well stocked
  • Keep bar stocked of all bottled products, mixers, garnishes and glassware
  • Clean bar, all glass wear and service areas
  • Clean outside parking lot and change garbage’s regular
  • Change soap, toilet paper, paper towel in each washroom
  • Keep the club floor clean of any napkins, straws or garnishes


Job Description

  • This person must be able and willing to intervene in any altercations while maintaining a calm demeanor, with the ability to DEFUSE problematic situations
  • Responsible for verifying guests age/ID upon entry into the club. In addition to maintaining a secure, comfortable and inviting atmosphere
  • Provide a great customer service to our guests!
  • Greet and escort customers
  • Provide professional security presence for our guests and club personnel
  • Must have an up-to-date security licsence

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